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Cultivating a community environment where everyone feels like they are part of a team. 


Train with Rach online! Join our online community for over 100 ON-DEMAND videos, 12 Week Strength & Fat Loss Program & 8 Week Online Challenges. 

It's 100% online, dynamic and never boring. Our online program continually changes and you will follow along to the programming we do in person. 


If you're a beginner, haven't trained in a long time, or post-pregnancy my 4 Week Reboot is a great starting point! Short 10 minute video sessions, 4 weeks of meal plans and lots of advice to get you started on your health and fitness journey. There's no equipment required!

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We are committed to delivering high quality training to our community.


Let's face it, there is no such thing as perfection. That's why I aim for progress. Be content and happy that you are moving in the right direction and doing your personal best.


So long as you are consistent, you will see results. Yes it's hard some times, but you, your body and your wellbeing are worth it.


I like to keep it simple! Focus on eating real, unprocessed foods that will make you feel amazing.

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Hear from the Rach Robertson Fitness Tribe

"I started Rach’s Sweat30 program 12 months ago. After being inactive for over 10 years I couldn’t run 100metres without having to stop. I had a short term goal of running 1km and long term goal of 5km. After my first class it hit me just how unfit I really was and after a couple of weeks of doing the classes I got past the initial struggle and found my energy levels were increasing dramatically & I had a newfound desire to keep improving my fitness and push myself harder every class. Within 3 months of giving it my all and Rach’s encouragement I surprised myself by running 2km without stopping then hit that 5km goal soon after. I was so proud of myself. Rach’s classes are the best decision I ever made. I love the easy going environment & variety she brings to each session and the friendly people in the group that strive to encourage and push each other so everyone can achieve their fitness goals. I have a great feeling of satisfaction I get after each class knowing I’ve pushed myself and I’m still improving every week and feeling better than I have in years. My new goal is to run the Melbourne marathon 10km this year and I have no doubt I will get there. Thank you Rach 🙌🏼😘"

Rhiannon Chalmers

"I can not recommend Rach Robertson’s programmes highly enough! Rach has encouraged me to not only lose weight but to change my mindset around exercise. I’m excited for each session. Rach is encouraging, motivating and makes everyone feel great. I look forward to the weekly emails filled with ideas and inspirations. I highly recommend Rach’s program for a healthy life. Her passion for health and fitness is contagious. "

Catherine McInerney

"I have been on a journey with Rach for the last 3 years & have felt so rewarded by her fitness sessions. I initially began to include some high intensity cardio work into my fitness & I have loved how energised & strong I feel after each session. I went into the sessions before falling pregnant & have been able to come out post pregnancy & have been so happy with the transformation in my fitness & health. I feel fitter & stronger than I ever have & love being able to push myself through each session with the guidance of Rach & such a fun environment to train in where we all support & encourage each other! In the heat of summer & frosty mornings in winter I would never motivate myself to get out & exercise or I would find an excuse not too, but the effort Rach puts into us & her sessions make you just want to keep going to every session & push yourself further. I feel fitter, healthier & mentally stronger & am able to juggle my busy family & work life with a strong & healthy frame of mind."

Sally McDonald

"I’ve trained with Rach for many years now on a few different platforms, from P.T to group classes. Rach’s encouragement, support, guidance, knowledge & her just wanting you “to just be the best version of you” is important to her & shows she cares. Rach is extremely passionate about her fitness community. Rach also has a huge interest in health & nutrition which is also appreciated by us all. Any age or fitness level is catered for, so, never be too scared to commit, Rach’s nurturing nature will support you every step of the way!"

Mel Faul

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