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4 weeks to reboot your fitness and build your confidence.

This program is just for women who are looking to get started or restarted on their health and fitness journey.

It's going to set you up to make healthy habits a part of your life for the long-term. There is no equipment required and it is 100% online so you can do this from the comfort of your home.

We will just be focusing on controlled body weight moves that will leave you feeling energised to take on your day. 

"I want to start exercising but I'm so unfit and I just don't know how to start"


Does this sound like you? If you haven't exercised before or if you have had a long break or lack the confidence or direction to get started, my 4 Week Reboot can help guide you and get you to begin your journey.

This program is also suitable for post-pregnancy and perfect to ease you back into a routine. If you are already on your way and looking to step it up, my Train with Rach program is probably better suited to you.

Here's what's included!

A warm welcome!

Starting a new routine can be challenging. I want to support you making these changes in your life for the better! You will receive a welcome video, and a commitment calendar from me which will help you approach the next 4 weeks. 

Full length videos and training plans

Every one of my 10 minute sessions has a full length video for you to play as you complete your movement. I've planned out all your exercise so turn up and hit play! There's no equipment needed, just a gym mat if you have one!

Nutritional infomation

My philosophy around food is very simple. Just eat real food (JERF) following a Low Carb, Healthy Fat (LCHF) diet. You'll receive my top tips nutrition guide. REBOOT your love of healthy food and eliminate the food that doesn't serve you well!

Weekly meal plans

Eating well and training go hand in hand. As "they" say, "You can never out train a poor diet" Each week you will receive a weekly meal plan with all meals and snacks covered. These are downloadable so you can keep them forever! These include meals I personally LOVE to eat. 

Meal & Food Guides

You will receive FOUR of my meal guides! These include my 10 Non-Boring Snack Ideas, my 100+ Healthy Staples to keep in the pantry/fridge, my 7 Step Salad Guide plus my 30 Minute Meal Guide!

You are never alone!

Get access to a private Facebook Community of women who are on the journey with you. I will be there to hear about your experiences, answer any questions and get you motivated!

Easy app access

You will have access to all this content via the Kajabi App! Make it super easy to follow the program by streaming your training or pulling up your recipes in seconds. 

A little bit about me

Hi! I'm Rach! I founded Rach Robertson Fitness because I am passionate about helping women build confidence and forming healthy habits that are maintainable for life.

Prioritising your health and fitness is too important to ignore and it's time to start prioritising YOU. 

RRF is built from my own experience as a Personal Trainer but also my experience as a mum. Want to know more about my story?

My story

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Here's what women are saying about my 4 Week Reboot!


Receive 4 of my downloadable meal guides!

My meal guides follow my "Just Eat Real Food" and "Low Carb, Healthy Fat" food philosophies. Access starts from day 1 and they are all downloadable so you can keep them forever! Yay!

Are you ready to get started?

Here's exactly what you can expect to receive as part of my 4 Week Reboot program.




Welcome video 

My top tips Nutrition Guide

A Commitment Calendar to keep you on track

3 x 10 minutes of my MOVEMENT video sessions a week  

4 weeks of meal plans and complete recipes (week days only)

4 x  of my meal guides including

  • 10 Non-Boring Health Snacks and Nibbles
  • 100+ Healthy Pantry Staples
  • 7-Step Salad Building Guide
  • 30 Minute Meal Guide

Access to a private Facebook community 

Access via the Kajabi App

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Here's a little bit more from my Tribe!


This is a perfect place to start! I encourage you to train within your limits. It should be challenging but not impossible. You can always pause if you need a longer rest in between exercises.

You don't need lots of fancy gear to get fit! All the workouts will be equipment free although you may want an exercise mat to lie on. If you can't get one, you could always use a towel. 

Every workout will be 10 minutes long plus a short warm and cool down. 

You have access to the program for 4 weeks from purchase date. Each week will appear once you have completed the last. So on Week 1 you will see just the Welcome information, meal guides, Week 1 movement sessions and meal plans. In week 2 (7 days from purchase) you will have access to all of that plus week 2 movement sessions and meal plans and so on!

My standard 4 Week Reboot program costs $57 AUD and it is a one off cost. 

All the meal plans and recipes will also appear week by week in your program. Simply click into the week and download them. 

You can expect a good variety of healthy but filling meals with a little treat here and there. Meals will be easy to prepare and focusing on meal prepping on Sundays to make sure you are set up and ready to go for the week. Please note that the meal plan is suitable for meat eaters. I would encourage you to adapt this to your eating preferences. 

Once you have completed the 4 weeks, you should be feeling warmed up and ready to take on a bit more of a challenge. You can have a look at my Train with Rach program which is a good step up although still adaptable to any fitness level. 

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out and contact me - [email protected]


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