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Hate planning your meals?

Would it be easier to stay on track if you had the next 8 weeks of meals planned out for you?  Okay, great, because that is exactly what I have done!!

I've put together a collection of my favourite recipes from over the years and arranged them into 8 weeks of meal plans.

These are recipes that I personally LOVE to eat. Whilst I am a very health-conscious person, I also love my food and treating myself so you can expect each week's plan to have three "free meals" where you can freely eat whatever you like! 

These recipes don't count calories, macros, or provide any breakdowns. This is simply a collection of recipes that I cook, eat and enjoy with my friends and family following my personal food philosophies.

Simple, healthy and delicious meals

My approach to food is pretty simple. I am not a nutritionist, I am a personal trainer that enjoys learning about food, trying out new recipes, all the while being health-conscious and making sure that my eating patterns match up with my approach to training which is being consistent and always aiming for progress over perfection.

I'm also a busy mum, so I don't always have a lot of time to prepare meals so there is a focus on keeping things simple! I like to use nutritious, unprocessed foods in all my cooking and of course it has to taste great too. 

Here's what's included!

118 Recipes

Ha, so exact! There is lots of variety for the three main meals of the day!  Expect to see varied meals with loads of veggies. Simple and delicious meals!

8 weeks of sample meal plans

Hate planning what you are going to eat? I've made it easy for you by planning out 8 weeks of meal plans for you. 

My food philosophy

I'll bring you through my approach to food and what has worked for me personally. This is a comprehensive list but still only meant to be a set of guidelines. Remember always listen to your body and seek professional advice before embarking on any major lifestyle changes!

A little bit about me

Hi! I'm Rach! I founded Rach Robertson Fitness because I am passionate about helping women build confidence and forming healthy habits that are maintainable for life.

Prioritising your health and fitness is too important to ignore and it's time to start prioritising YOU. 

RRF is built from my own experience as a Personal Trainer but also my experience as a mum. Want to know more about my story?

My story


The simple answer is no, it will suit you if you eat most foods. Although you can adapt and replace ingredients to suit your dietary requirements. 

Head to the checkout, enter your details and you will receive my e-book directly to your nominated email. You can download this, print it out, and you can keep it forever!

No, only some general recommendations on what I personally think works. This is simply a collection of my favourite recipes developed in my programs over the years. I am not a nutritionist and I do not offer this advice as so in my e-book. I always recommend that women seek the advice of their health professional before making any dramatic changes.

Trick question, because the answer is, forever! 

You can expect simple, healthy (by my interpretation), yummy meals. There's no fancy equipment required in the kitchen. Expect meals that are well-rounded, with plenty of veggies!

If you have any questions about the program, please reach out and contact me - [email protected]


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