5 Tips To Maintain Your Healthy Life + Cleansing Green Soup + 12 Minute Intense Body Workout


#1 Research, read & surround yourself with health nuts! 

I am so much more motivated to eat well and train more when I am reading books, listening to podcasts and surrounding myself with fit, healthy people. Also, the more I learn about the impact food and exercise has on our bodies, the more determined I am to enjoy more whole foods and exercise often. Keep learning, listening to your body and treat living a healthy life as an experiment. 


#2 Create good daily habits and rituals and cut out the ones that don't serve you!

This is a super important one because it is the daily habits and rituals that add up over a long period of time. If you introduce good daily habits that you can stick to, then, you are going to set yourself up for success. Think of the habits that are going to serve you and the ones that will not. Try adding in good ones each day and slowly remove the bad ones one step at a time. For example, if you find yourself having a glass (or 3) of wine every night maybe start by cutting it out every second night and replace it with a glass of lemon water instead. 


#3 Plan out your meals in advance and get creative! 

Planning out my meals in advance helps me set my week up for success. A little bit of thinking on a Sunday allows me to get through my week without having to worry about what I am going to cook. I am constantly on the go and trying to get work done and my choices become poor when I am trying to organise meals in a rush. When I am organised with my planning I find that I am eating so much more healthier, this improves my energy which then gives me more motivation to exercise. It's basically a win, win! I love trying out new recipes and getting creative in kitchen. I like to play around with traditional meals and make them as whole as possible. Also, try and keep your pantry stocked with healthy snacks and ingredients so you have options when you do feel the nibbles coming on. 


#4 Invest in a personal trainer or online fitness program

When you spend the money and invest in yourself you are going to show up so much more committed and motivated to stay on track with your health and fitness. It gives you that extra step and determination to get you closer to living and maintaining your healthy life. I have personally just invested in myself with some training for my business and it has really helped me by taking action and making a big commitment to myself to help me achieve my long-term goals. I think when you invest, it really does help you reach your higher potential. 


#5 Don't be too hard on yourself!

Changing your mindset around eating doesn't have to be hard. There is sooooo much information out there and it can get confusing as to what is good for you and what is not. I think we need to get more in-tune with our bodies, stop restricting, calorie counting and putting too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect all the time. My approach, eat as many whole foods as possible and stay away from the packaged/processed foods MOST of the time. Don't overthink it! And then enjoy a treat once or twice a week without the guilt. It can be as simple as what we had last night. Lamb chops with roasted sweet potato, stir fry veggies and corn. It was sooo satisfying, really tasty and super quick and easy. No packaged food required!! This is my kind of cooking. 


Image by Leah Ladson Photography

Cleansing Green Soup

This one is a fav of mine and I love cooking it throughout winter to help nourish and feed my gut. It is a yummy warming food and contains lots of vital nutrients. 




12 Minute Intense Body Workout 

Looking for a new HIIT workout? You can check out my latest video on YouTube below. Super fast and challenging but I still loved it.. P.S. You can have a 2 minute break and do TWO rounds if you feel like doing a longer session.

Happy training x




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