Kelly's amazing transformation!

Everyone, this is Kelly! She is part of the RRF Tribe and has been coming to my group fitness training sessions for a while now. She recently shared with us that she has lost an incredible 8.8 kilos in 13 weeks!!

Her commitment to improving her health and fitness is amazing, and so are her results. Even an injury hasn't stopped her momentum!

So, here's a little bit about Kel and her routine, how she has dealt with her injury and her best piece of advice for anyone looking to make changes to their lifestyle.

R: Tell us a little bit about you?

K: I am 51 years old and am a mother of 3 beautiful kids. I recently moved to Barham from Wakool and currently work at the Barham preschool 5 days a week. I love spending time in the garden, exercising, visiting and spending time with my children and hanging out with my dog, Mack.

R: You have been training for many years now Kel and always seem to keep yourself motivated when it comes to exercise, what is it that keeps you motivated?

K: Since I remember, I have always enjoyed exercising. When I was younger, I use to play a lot of sport, and exercise and physical activity became a part of my life. I keep motivated by participating in a range of different exercises including weights, cardio, walking and running. Exercising makes me feel good not only physically, but mentally. It is time for myself and something I can do alone or with friends.

R: Over this past year we at RRF have noticed you really step it up with your health and fitness and you look amazing, tell us what it was that made you take that next step and what steps did you put in place to see the amazing results that you have seen over the past 12 months?

K: I decided to step up my fitness and health routine, as I started to feel uncomfortable and lethargic in my lifestyle. I noticed pain had increased in my joints and I decided to up my training to see if I could feel better physically and mentally.

From here, I mixed my exercise routine up and included more long-distance walking, I did an extra cardio session and made changes to my diet. I am currently eating a well-balanced diet and ensuring I still include a treat day on Friday to ensure I am still satisfying my cravings but not going overboard.

R: You have been dealing with an injury and you have still been able to see fantastic results with your training. Tell us about your injury and how you have managed to keep training? What has been your motivation to keep going physically and mentally?

K: 6 weeks ago, I overused my left arm and noticed a lot of consistent pain. I removed all weights from my exercise regime, and I did not complete any exercises that increased the pain. I was able to continue running and walking and these activities took priority whilst my arm recovered.

I was motivated to keep training, as I had noticed significant improvements in my fitness and strength levels and wanted to maintain these whilst my arm recovered. I have only recently introduced using light weights again and I make sure I don’t overuse it. If I experience any pain with my left arm, I modify the exercise or train another body part.

R: What is your biggest struggle when it comes to health and fitness and how have you managed this differently to other years?

K: My biggest struggle is my love for soft lollies and biscuits. Instead of eating soft lollies and biscuits every day, I only allow myself to have them once a week. I thoroughly enjoy eating them and feel satisfied afterwards. I have noticed I have not craved these treats as much anymore and can go to the supermarket and walk past them.

R: What is your best piece of advice for anyone who is currently feeling stuck and can’t get motivated?

K: My best piece of advice is to start off slow and modify your lifestyle slowly. It is best to break down your long goal into short, achievable goals that you can reach. When I achieve my small goals I feel so proud and good about myself, I just want to keep going. I try to remember why I am doing this – to challenge myself every day and feel good in my own skin. Start off slow, make small goals and remain consistent.

Well done Kel! Keep up the amazing work!


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