Meet Leona & why she is killing it with her training

This is Leona! She's a foodie, dog-lover, and former city girl now living the country life. She is also part of the Rach Robertson Fitness team! She started working with me in December 2019.

Leona helps with my email list, website and blog. She comes up with recipes and content for my programs and helps with product launches. She’s a sounding board for ideas and someone to just have a wine, coffee or walk with and chat all things RRF.

I wanted Leona to share her story because since working with her, she has come on her own fitness journey. 

R: Tell everyone about your current training routine?

L: My current routine is a real mixed bag! Each week looks a bit like this... Rach's SWEAT30 Group Fitness classes (just Mondays at the moment), doing some of your Train with Rach program from home, at least 1-2 runs a week and walks with the dogs. Plus, I've been playing tennis once a week too.

R: What is your typical diet? What foods are you eating when you feel your best?

L: My typical diet is pretty balanced, especially during the week. I usually have a smoothie or eggs for breakfast, a salad or leftover dinner for lunch and at this time of year some barbequed meat and salad or a quick stir-fry for dinner. In winter I'll generally opt for roasted veggies instead of salad.

When I'm eating at my best, I am eating lots of veg and I am consciously trying to reduce my carb intake. I REALLY enjoy my carbs, but they do make me gain weight very quickly.  I used to eat toast a lot for brekkie, which I have stopped because it wasn’t filling me up and I’d be looking for a snack by mid-morning.

R: How do you feel since you started training with me?

L: Comparing myself to a year ago, I'm feeling really great. The most obvious difference to me has been my cardio fitness and my strength as well. I remember my first group fitness class over last summer...I was actually quite embarrassed at how unfit I was!!

I've built it up slowly, I know there isn't a quick fix, but I'm happy seeing little improvements week to week. I’ve got actual muscles in my tummy now and I can do lots of push ups on my toes!

I’m also pretty lucky having someone like you to answer to has definitely kicked me into gear a bit and helped me keep on track.


R: What is the most important thing that you have learnt since your time with me?

L: I've learnt that consistency really does pay off! I need to try and move more and if I have a bad day (skipping training or eating badly), I need to snap back into good habits ASAP and not let one bad day lead to a blow out and completely fall off track. 

R: What is the one thing that you struggle with the most when it comes to training and eating healthy foods?

L: Food-wise, my weakness is definitely carbs...the type you shouldn't eat too many of! I love bread, pasta and rice and sometimes my cravings get the better of me, especially on weekends!

Training-wise, I'm actually quite active but probably just the common struggle of getting out of bed some mornings!

R: What do you do to help manage these struggles?

L: I'd never not eat carbs, so that's not an option ha! But I'll try and use substitutes sometimes like cauliflower rice or brown rice instead of white rice, or using a pasta alternative like teff pasta which I have only recently tried and really like. I think by not being too strict and limiting myself completely of the things I love, I eat better at other times because I know I can have a treat at some point!

Training-wise, I just have to drag myself out of bed sometimes and remember why I need to do it. The feeling of accomplishment after every class, online session, or run is motivation enough to do it again.


R: Best piece of advice for anyone who is currently stuck and can’t get motivated?

L: Just get started and do it for the right reasons. In saying that, you have to be ready to make a change, no one can force you.  My motivation is that I’m doing this just for myself and inner happiness and my own health. I was ready for a change.  

At school I was a very fit and active kid. During my early 20s I didn't really have to try very hard to keep off the weight and keep fit. When I reached my mid-20s, after having it pretty easy, I didn't prioritise my health or fitness at all. Lifestyle played a big part in that. I was working a busy and very fun job in Melbourne there was a lot of eating out, drinks and late nights. And late nights led to almost no exercise at one point.

I'll be 30 next year, and decided that it was time to get real with myself.  I’m not spiritual but "fit before 30" has been my inner mantra. So, if you are really ready, find your reason, commit to your mantra, make like Nike and... just do it! 😉



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