Kale & Potato Salad with a Side of Mushroom Pasta + A Little Bit About CARBS!!

I had to share my dinner with you from the other night, it was sooo good, packed with lots of greens and good fats AND it also had some potato and pasta on the side.

Now, most of the time I focus on eating a lower carb, higher (healthy) fat diet but sometimes I like to add in some carb fuelled meals to my evening routine every now and then because who doesn't love some pasta or potatoes. Plus a little bit doesn't hurt and its all about balance and moderation. The problem with higher carb diets is that they don't keep you satiated for long and you can easily over consume them. This then leads to excess calories and fat storage. 

Here are some tricks to try not to overdo the carbs but still enjoy them once in a while:

- Bulk up your meal with a leafy green salad

- Stick to 1/2 cup of the high carb food e.g pasta or potato

- Eat the higher carbs at night (can help improve sleep)

- Enjoy carbs the night before a run or intense workout

- Stick to whole foods and stay away from all...

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My Health Tips for this week + Brussel Sprout & Fennel Salad + 15min Ab's & Legs Workout

This week I want to give you some overall health tips that I have been implementing and focusing on recently. I am going to share ONE tip for all things - food, fitness and beauty. (All the things that I lovvvveeeee!!!) 

My Weekly Health Tips

Tip #1 - FOOD

Avoid BLT's... What are BLT's? Bites, Licks & Tastes. This is one thing that I struggle with as I LOVE to pick throughout the day. (Simply out of habit, emotion and just because I love to eat!)

The problem is that when you are snacking all day and not sitting down to a meal, you are not giving your body the chance to rest and digest your food properly. Another downside is that you also don't realise actually how much food you have consumed over the whole day. This could add up to sooo much more than you think... So, my tip, stick to three meals per day, most of the time! 

Tip #2 - FITNESS

Engage your core ALL DAY LONG!

This one is really important as it will help to support your whole body...

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