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I'm Rach, and I have always been very passionate about exercising and being healthy. That doesn't mean I haven't had "off" days over the years but it does mean that exercise is a lifelong passion of mine.

This passion is what led me to become a Personal Trainer in the first place. I'm also a qualified Beauty Therapist and before starting Rach Robertson Fitness owned my own beauty business. I know that beauty is more than skin-deep and I absolutely believe that it's how you feel and treat yourself that really counts.

There are no quick fixes and no secrets. It's about making the conscious decision every day to show up and treat your body with the respect and love you deserve.


I have tried and tested many different training methods. And after becoming a Mum (now to three boys), it was even more important that I found a training method that was efficient and maintainable. 

I started putting together my own training sessions that suited my busy lifestyle and from there, Rach Robertson Fitness was born! My style of training aims for progress over perfection and consistency over all else. 


Training has such a positive effect on me personally, both physically and mentally and I want to help more women feel the same. I want women like you to see lasting results when it comes to your health and fitness.

Eating a healthy diet is part of my lifestyle. I aim to eat well most of the time but of course love to treat myself too once in a while.  I am always researching and experimenting with recipes, many of which I share in my programs.

Besides running my online programs, I am also very passionate about helping my small country town community keep active! I run group fitness classes throughout the year and absolutely love it!

So, how can I help you?

I've developed two training programs to suit beginners or post pregnancy right through to a more advanced style of training. 

4 Week Reboot

4 week program to reboot your fitness and build your confidence. For women looking to start or restart their health and fitness journey. Perfect for beginners and post-pregnancy women. Make movement your routine.

This suits me!

Train with Rach

An ongoing membership to four unique training videos every week for busy women who are serious about their health and fitness. Training that never gets boring!

This suits me!

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